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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Spring into Glenridding Heights! Our spring 2017 newsletter is now out.

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You Live Near More in Glenridding Heights

You Live Near More in Glenridding Heights
Sometimes, in the summer, you start to feel a little guilty if you’re not outside on a hot

Live Where You Shop!

It is important to have the things you love close by when shopping for a new home. That’s why the community of Glenridding Heights

New Gas Station and Convenience Store


In Glenridding Heights, we’re all about convenience. That’s why we thought you should know that a brand new gas station and convenience store just

New Community, Endless Opportunities

Glenridding Heights is thrilled to announce a new K-9 school within walking distance of the community! Margaret-Ann Armour School will be located at 3815